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The RB Jazz Band was formed in 2008, when all three players met on the prestigious Jazz course at Birmingham Conservatoire of Music, and have since developed an incredible musical awareness and style, that is in rich demand around the country and abroad.

The RB Jazz Band have been involved in over 200 gigs and concerts, ranging from small localised jazz clubs to larger arts organisations and respected venues in and around London.  The band has played at Charlie Wrights International, and toured around extensively in the North of England. Separately, they have a rich CV of venues and concerts, and played with many prestigious names in the business – John Taylor, Dave Holland and many other jazz greats.

Alex McManus, having graduated from Trinity College of Music, in London plays with many London artists, and jazz players on the circuit and on the jazz scene.

Ralph has played piano with many artists, singers and dancers, and has a wide experience of gigs including playing at the Royal Albert Hall on four occasions, and has toured extensively in France, Germany, Italy and Senegal.

Daniel Casimir, has played with the highly respected Chris Potter, New York pianist George Colligan and many other touring jazz musicians in the UK.

The band occasionally changes personnel from time to time, and sometimes works with other artists, but Alex, Dan, and Ralph remain committed to the ensemble, and together have worked hard to develop their own unique playing sound, resulting in a strong piano trio that has got excellent reviews. The band are always in demand when it comes to jazz, swing, and pop music, and continue to strive to sound as fresh and artistic as possible.

Enquire about RB Jazz Band

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