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August 2013, whilst most of us were trying to make the most of what little sun the british isles were ungenerously offering, Ralph Brown and his jazz band were packing their bags to jet off to a place where the temperature is almost as high as the buildings... Dubai.

Now, before we continue, I think it is important to establish that Dubai is one of the most impressive places in the world. So for the sake of those who haven’t visited, we have taken the liberty to present 5 interesting facts about the place:

  • Dubai is one of seven emirates that makes up the United Arab Emirates, a country which was only put on the map in 1972.
  • In 1991 there was only one skyscraper in the city... since then the population has doubled and there are now nearly 400 skyscrapers - that makes Dubai the fastest growing city in the world. 
  • Less than 20% of the population are local citizens (Emiratis), the rest of the population are all foreigners! 
  • Although situated in the middle of the desert (with temperatures up to 50 degrees), you can still enjoy winter sports at their indoor ski slope in the Emirates Mall. 
  • Home to worlds tallest man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa, which stands a staggering 828m high.

The most iconic building in Dubai, and workplace of Ralph Brown’s trio, is of course the Burj al Arab. With the cost of a room ranging from $1000 - $28,000 per night, this is without a doubt one of the most exclusive hotels in the world! Standing 302m above sea level, the 7 star hotel puts on jazz bands (6 nights a week) to entertain their guests in the Skyview Bar - and for 3 months, they would enjoy the Ralph Brown Trio. 

Here’s what Ralph had to say about his experience at the Burj al Arab: 

“The Skyview Bar is a great outlet for customers who like listening to a band, as it caters both for diners in the early evening, and the bar where the music is often more accepted.

Our accommodation was very good, functional for long-term contracts, and was a walking distance from the hotel. The food provided for the band at the hotel was outstanding, as it was in one of the main restaurants for customers.

It is an excellent gig, all round - the bar staff and restaurant staff made everyone feel very welcome and treated the band like family, also with respect as if we were guests, and were very positive towards the band with what they wanted and expected.”

For anyone concerned that the band were imprisoned by an all work no play schedule - we’ve gathered some pictures of their favorite pass-times: 

Joy Riding Feeding The Fish

Extreme Sports Ballet In The Desert

As well as performing in his own band (Ralph Brown Quartet), Ralph is also one of the musicians that makes up Skylark Jazz - both of which are part of our fantastic range of jazz bands for hire!

For any musicians interested in working abroad please click here for information on how to become one of our Global Artists.

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