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Brazil: Beats and Balls

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The last five days in Rio have been occupied by one of the world's biggest parties, Carnival. In this article we have some interesting facts about what its really all about, and look at the samba-themed world record attempt that took place yesterday at London’s Royal Albert Hall!

With this years World Cup, and the 2016 Olympics both being hosted by Brazil, it is going to be (not just in climate) one of the hottest countries in the world. At Matchbox Music we aim to provide current and exciting entertainment, so watch out for the launch of our latest cultural trend – Brazilian Bands! Over the last five days, Rio De Janeiro have offered us a few clues as to how to throw a party Brazilian style, so lets take a quick look at Carnival…

To most of us in the UK ‘Shove Tuesday’, is commonly known as ‘Pancake Day’, however in Brazil it marks the final day of Carnival, one of the world’s biggest parties and a ‘last hurrah’ before lent.

Five Facts about Carnival

  1. During Carnival, there are over 2 million people on the streets every day.

  2. The epicenter of this festivity is at the purpose built Sambadrome, a 700m stretch that holds 90,000 people.

  3. The Carnival highlight is the Samba Parade, a fierce competition between over 200 samba schools.

  4. ¼ of a million jobs created for Carnival, and it is expected to generate over £400million for local hotels, restaurants and bars.

  5. Recent years have seen a variety of celebs attending including: J Lo, Jude Law, Will Smith and even master of the ‘Gangnam Style’ – Psy.

Whilst all of the above is happening over in Brazil, schools from around London have been taking part in a world record attempt – the worlds largest samba band…

The Worlds Largest Samba Band

Yesterday, the Royal Albert Hall was the host to over 1,600 children brandishing traditional Brazilian drums. They weren’t just sent to annoy the neighbors, but succeed in being the worlds largest samba band and mark the UK launch of the second Street Child World Cup.

The Street Child World Cup is an inspirational organization that through football, art and campaigning, help street children receive the protection and opportunities that every child deserves. On the 28th March this year 19 teams of street children will compete in a 10-day tournament in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. If you would like to know more about this organization, visit their website: www.streetchildworldcup.org

The children involved in the world record received a 10-week intensive samba course, put on by Inspire-works. The material that was taught was all specially written in conjunction with Trinity College London, one of the best music schools in the world - so the children who participated have really received a priceless life experience.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming 'Brazilian Bands' page, we are looking forward to working on some great Brazilian-themed events over the next few years! Any artists interested in joining Matchbox Music should click here to find out how.

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