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Matchbox Music’s Top UK Festivals

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With the summer festival season 2015 now underway, we thought we’d give you our top 5 music festivals for this summer. So grab your wellies, sun cream and a silly hat and lets begin!

Reading Festival 28-30th August 



Lets start with the original, Reading is the world’s oldest popular music festival still in existence! Also twinned with Leeds festival, the two share the August bank holiday weekend as well as the same artist lineup. Reading is a great festival for any music lover as the lineup is always a outstanding mix of alternative and sometimes controversial music, this year’s lineup definitely does not disappoint.


• Mumford and Sons - Having just released their new critically acclaimed album ‘Wilder mind” this will be the first time the folk turned rock band have played Reading since 2010.

• Metallica - The world’s biggest metal band of all time with a back catalogue of hits bigger Nicki Minaj’s behind. This band was made for performing live at festivals! Expect lots of fireworks, pyrotechnics and many a drunken audience member singing along to Enter Sandman.

• The Libertines - You might remember a few years back the media was obsessed with a man called Pete Doherty, his relationship with Kate Moss and his addictions to hard drugs. But no one actually knew who he was….well ladies and gents, he is actually the frontman of the Libertines.


Wilderness Festival 6-9th August



This is one of the newer festivals that caught our eye. Set in the Oxfordshire countryside, this is festival for the more cultured festival goer, with an amazing lineup of live bands, the festival also offers long table banquets with food prepared by some of the worlds most famous chefs. For those who have an adventurous spirit you can also partake in wild swimming/skinny dipping, horse riding and archery just to name a few. Once you’ve got all the exciting stuff out of your system its time to get shaking your limbs to the incredible headline acts.


• Bjork - This Icelandic gem is a true original in terms of live performance and song, definitely not one to miss.

• Ben Howard - In our view, one of the top current acts of the last few years. With his folky surf sound, Ben is an great songwriter/guitarist with an incredible live band to match.

• George Clinton, Parliament and Funkadelic - What can we say apart from it doesn’t get funkier than the king of funk, George Clinton! Along with other renowned bands such as James Brown and Sly and the family Stone, George Clinton and his bands defined funk as a genre. This will undoubtedly be a spectacular dance fest of a finish to the festival.


V-Festival 22-23rd August



More of a contemporary music festival than the others, this festival boasts an amazing line up of current bands, artists, Djs and comedians. If you don’t feel that camping in a small leaking tent surrounded by a muddy field is for you, V festival offer a range of huts and yurts to make you experience a more comfortable and unique one.


• Calvin Harris - The talented remixer and highest paid DJ in the world, bringing you all of his club hits and more, for a great atmosphere that is sure to go down well with the audience.

• Kasabian - The award winning Leicestershire rock band are always a treat at festivals.

• Sam Smith - This guy has achieved a lot in the 3 short years of his musical career with a number one album and several number one singles. Sam is a great singer with a soulful voice and we are sure he won’t disappoint.

• Stereophonics - The Welsh rockers are back live on stage, with a new album coming out in September expect a couple of new songs amidst cracking out some classic tunes.


Download Festival 12-14th June



Held at the spiritual home of rock, Donington Park, this festival is a holy pilgrimage for rockers and metalheads. With a lineup of fresh and veterans bands alike, this is a real treat for any fan of the metal and rock genres!


• Slipknot - The nonet of guitar wielding, drum smashing and vocal screaming masked rockers have stood the test of time, when metal trends have come and gone Slipknot have stood fast. Definitely worth a watch as this band always puts on a great live show at Download.

• Muse - The Devon trio have come along way since their first album ‘Showbiz’ in 1999. They have blown away everyone who has witnessed their incredible live shows, having won numerous ‘best live band’ awards, they truly are a spectacle to behold.

• Kiss - There is nothing understated about this band with their larger than life personas, crazy outfits along with their on and off stage antics. Kiss truly are a feel good rock band perfect for ending a hearty weekend of Rock and Metal.


Glastonbury 24-28th June



We barely need to introduce this festival, as it has to be one of England’s biggest and most renowned music festivals. Hosting a whole range of live bands catering for all tastes and of course at least one controversial headliner. Set in rural Somerset this is a really fun festival with a great atmosphere…and a lot of mud.


• Foo Fighters - Three guitars, lasers, Dave Grohl and several hours worth of truly great rock hits, need we say more?

• Kanye West -The man is synonymous with being controversial and it is no different at Glastonbury, as many of the festival’s fans have signed a petition to ban him from playing. Genius or over hyped? You tell us.

• The Who - One of the legendary blues rock pioneers from 60’s Britain, this band made music history. Watch out for Pete Townshend’s signature stage moves and Roger Daltery’s charismatic and powerful voice!


With so many great options this festival season, why not get yourself down to one and check out the action! 


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