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The Best Music Moments Of 2015

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So 2015 is almost at an end, it has been an incredible year for music with many amazing festivals, albums, new acts/bands and live shows to remember. But before all the end of year celebrations commence, we here at Matchbox Music thought we’d give you our run down of the Best Music Moments of 2015, enjoy.

Best Single Release

Adele- Hello

After a secretive 5 year hiatus the ‘Someone Like You’ singer decided it was finally time to say ‘Hello’, and it looks like the world was very happy to see her. Adele’s teaser track from her new album ’25’ was met with open arms and ears, shooting to number one in the charts, not only in the UK but also the USA. The accompanying video broke Vevo records of being the most watched video in 24 hours and first to reach one Million views, thus destroying Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ previous records for ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’. For Adele fans, you can hear our duo for hire 'The Notes' version of her hit 'Make You Feel My Love'.

Most Shocking Moment

Madonna once sang “I was not ready for the fall” (Live to Tell) and it seems she was right.

During this year’s Brit awards ceremony the queen of pop had a wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her flying backwards down a set of stairs, landing flat on her back. Luckily the singer was not hurt, and attributed her being “in good shape” to the lack of injuries.
Madonna seemed un-phased by the tumble and continued to finish her song ‘Living For Love’, leaving some audience members to think that fall was actually part of her act.

Madonna later claimed that the cape she was wearing was tied too tightly around her neck, so when her dancers tugged on it, expecting it to fall off, they found Madonna falling with it, ouch!

Best Live Performance

“Break a leg Dave”

Dave Grohl and his band Foo Fighters need little introduction, having won countless awards for their live performances and their 8 platinum selling albums.

However, Dave Grohl went on to cement his rock legend status in Gothenburg, Sweden this year. It all happened when two songs in to the set, Grohl accidentally fell off stage and into the security pit. He eventually returned into view exclaiming “ I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg”. Now, with any other top band or act of today, the show and tour would be over, but not with Dave Grohl, he informed the audience the he would return to finish the show…. just after a quick visit from the backstage doctor to fix his leg. The band went on to play an hour set of classic rock and pop covers without Grohl to keep the audience entertained. Grohl was then wheeled back onto stage in a wheelchair, where he proceeded to carry on playing the show for another two and a half hours! He even had a medic holding his leg in place as he continued to rock on. The Foos then continued their tour with Grohl atop a Game Of Thrones inspired Throne of guitars complete with fireworks.
This show proved to the world just how much of a musical legend Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters really are.

Best Album Release

To Pimp a Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar

Lamar is the latest and possibly one of the greatest Hip-Hop stars to emerge out of the Compton L.A scene in the last few years. He has collaborated with a huge list of music legends including Eminem,50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Imagine Dragons and even Taylor Swift. And his latest album didn’t disappoint.

Released in March, To Pimp A Butterfly was streamed 9.6 million times on its first day just on Spotify, which set a new global first-day streaming record.
This album is not your stereotypical gangsta rap album, with Lamar using influences of jazz, spoken word poetry and funk. The thing that really makes this album great is its diverse and original music sound, backed up with Lamar’s no holds barred political observations and delivered through his rhythmical vocal virtuosity. This is definitely one of the freshest sounding albums of the year.

Best Video

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Sugar is the 3rd top 10 single from the pop rock band’s 5th album ‘V’.
The video was shot in L.A and is based on the 2005 hit film ‘Wedding Crashers’. Directed by David Dobbin, the music video shows the band driving across L.A trying to crash every wedding they possibly can, playing live show to surprise the bride and groom.

It is said that no one apart from the grooms were told what was going to happen, they only knew that “a grammy award winning band” would turn up, but they had no clue which one. So the video capturing everyones surprise is 100% real, and there are some fantastic reactions from the newly weds and the wedding guests when the band is unveiled from behind a white curtain.

Something you didn’t know: After the shooting the footage, as a way to say thank you Maroon 5 played the newly wed’s first dance with their hit single ‘She Will Be Loved’, as a way to say thank you. Luckily everyone loved the band and the video went on to create one of the best music videos of the year.


We hope you enjoyed reading our favourite music moments of 2015, if you would like to read more of our blogs please click here, we wish you a amazing new year!

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