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Top Five Valentines Day Serenades

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In our run up to Valentines Day, Matchbox Music have put together our top five romantic serenades to get you in the mood!

So it’s that time of year again guys, the time of the year when you show your other half just how much they mean to you. Now maybe it’s been a busy week at work, or you simply didn’t know it was February yet, either way, the day has arrived and you’re grossly underprepared. After failed attempts at booking her favourite restaurant or ordering the biggest bouquet of roses known to man, you may feel like all is lost. However have no fear, Matchbox Music is here to provide you with your very own get out of jail free card.

Now nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a song sung from the heart.  Here at Matchbox Music, we have picked our top five romantic songs for you to serenade your loved one. 

Barry White - You’re the First, the Last, My Everything

Always a hit with the ladies, we couldn’t start a rundown of top romantic songs without tipping our hat to romantic Soul legend Barry White. With his deep bass baritone voice, White redefined the whole romantic R&B genre and raised the bar for all subsequent bedroom ballads. The success of the 1974 hit would see ‘You’re the First, the Last, My Everything’ become a staple at discos and wedding receptions across the globe, and be remembered as one of White’s greatest songs. 

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

A contemporary hit for the modern couple, this catchy piano driven tune helped shoot Bruno Mars to fame in early 2010.  Bruno Mars said he drew inspiration from Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and Joe Cocker’s ‘You Are So Beautiful’ wanting to write something simple yet romantic. With lyrics such as “Girl you’re amazing, just the way you are!” there’s not a woman out there who won’t be won over. 

Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Being romantic is not always about soulful crooning, sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned power ballad to rip the roof off and express how much you really care about someone. Written by Diane Warren and performed by Aerosmith, ‘I Don't Want to Miss a Thing’ was the soundtrack to the 1998 film Armageddon, and would later go on to be Aerosmith’s highest charting single.  The combination of Steven Tyler’s rock vocal and the 52-piece symphony orchestra helps cement ‘I Don't Want to Miss a Thing’ as a romantic power ballad classic.  And if singing a song inspired by the end of the world isn’t enough to bring the two of you closer, then perhaps you should start thinking about volunteering for N.A.S.A’s next solo space mission.

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

As Bruno Mars’s inspiration for ‘Just the Way You Are’ it would be unfair not to include this in our round up. Written by one of England’s most influential guitarist songwriters, Eric Clapton, ‘Wonderful Tonight’ showcases Slow-hand’s ability to write melodic guitar lines and heartfelt lyrics. Clapton wrote the song whilst waiting for his girlfriend Pattie Boyd to get ready for a fancy dress party hosted by Paul and Linda McCartney. With a simple chord progression and melody line, now is the time to dust off that guitar you keep under the stairs and show her what you’ve got, perhaps even try singing this whilst she’s getting ready for authenticity!

Marvin Gaye – Lets Get It On

Ok, so this one’s for the risk takers out there, but fortune favours the brave, and if you can pull this one off you sure won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Released by Marvin Gaye in 1973, this funk soul classic features some of Gaye’s finest vocal work and an unmistakable wah-wah guitar intro.  Featuring on Gaye’s 12th studio album of the same name, ‘Let’s Get It On’ shows off some of Gaye’s more risqué material. Despite the sexually charged lyrics, the song still retains class and implies more sexual innuendo than it actual delivers, however perhaps save singing this one for the encore, after you’ve tried one of our previous suggestions.

What do you think of our top five? Hopefully this article has been of some help and the next time you come to us will be because you want a live wedding band for your big day!

We would love to hear your top romantic song, drop us a message on twitter (@matchboxmusic) and we shall re-tweet our favourites!


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