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Wedding Planner: Cake for thought

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Welcome to the first blog in our Wedding Planner series. Throughout this series we will be asking industry professionals to offer help and advice to future wedding couples, and offering exclusive discounts on their services. First up, Wedding Cakes!

Finding the perfect wedding cake for your big day will present some questions... "What flavour should I have?", "How many tiers?", "What style should I go for?" - this article will hopefully offer you some ideas as to what options there are and help you find the right one for you!


It’s the overall finish of the cake, how it’s decorated, and the first thing to decide when choosing your cake. It should reflect the style or theme of your wedding and also you as a couple! Gone are the days of a plain ivory or white fruitcake... The possibilities for wedding cakes are now almost endless. Here are a few ideas to give you food (or cake) for thought.

  1. Metallics are very popular this season and work well in a contemporary or vintage wedding setting. Having a single tier of the cake in a metallic pale pink can look extremely effective, as can a single gold or silver tier. You can combine this style with the ruffle technique on a tier, giving the same sort of look as the ruffles on a can can skirt.  Fresh or floral paste flowers and brooch detailing are also nice finishing touches to your cake.
  2. Naked cakes are increasingly popular.  Consider a simple four-tier sponge cake decorated in a fine layer of buttercream and finished with reams of fresh fruit and flowers. This look is great if you want a simple cake that looks delicious without being ostentatious.  You may also want to consider displaying this on a wooden block in order to add to the rusticity.
  3. Edible flowers are becoming a big trend. Talk to your florist or cake designer to see what edible flowers are currently in season (consider lavender and cornflowers for the spring). You can even just use the petals and have them arranged on a tier, or have them added to the buttercream to create a beautiful confetti style finish. This design is perfect for a country wedding setting!


When considering what flavour cakes to go for it is important to think about what food it will be following.  If you are having a heavy hearty roast dinner you may want to consider a light tart cake such as lemon, however if you want something decadent and luxurious think about cakes like red velvet and salted caramel.  Don’t be afraid to have different flavour cakes...  White chocolate and raspberry is always a firm favourite, but you could also try something different like chilli and chocolate, or peanut butter and caramel!

Something Differerent

Rather than having a cake on it’s own, why not combine it with a dessert table for your guests.  These tables can look stunningly eye catching and can cater for all tastes.  You may also want to consider displaying your cake on a shabby chic dresser or on some vintage suitcases to add a quirky finish. 

Or if you want to go for something completely different why not try a cheesecake - literally a cake made of different cheeses! 

We'd like thank our friend Charlotte Allen from Chunky Cherub Cakes (www.chunkycherubcakes.com) for her help with this blog. The photos in this blog are taken by Nick Kent, who is soon to be featuring in our Wedding Planner series. We will be giving you some helpful tips on how ensure that you walk away from your wedding with the best possible photographs, including some artistsic ideas and another exclusive offer! 

Exclusive Offer!

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