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Wedding Planner: Finding Your Perfect Venue

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Where would you be without a venue... quite literally. There's a huge selection of all shapes and sizes scattered across the country, but how do you go about finding the right one for you? As we don't have the answer to that question, we gave our friends at Country House Wedding Venues a call and they have given us some great tips to pass on to you!

Let’s face it. Aside from the dress, this is probably the biggest decision you are going to make for your wedding. It’s your venue. It’s the bricks and mortar (or field and canvas if you’re so inclined) that your day revolves around, and it sets the tone and precedence of the day from the get go. So, now that we’ve put the frighteners up you, we would like to let you know that we can help!

We have your back and these are our top tips to finding that perfect venue:

1. Think about what you want your wedding to say about you.

The best and most original weddings reflect the couple wholeheartedly, and your venue is a key part of this. If that means foregoing some slightly more practical options because you’re a ‘tipi in the forest’ kind of couple, then so be it.

Your guests will love it, because it tells your story.

 photo curradine-barns-2_zps5f1feb0c.jpg

2. Consider where you are.

As pretty as it would be, if you live in Scotland and it’s November, you probably shouldn’t be planning an outdoor wedding under some fairy lights.

Mother Nature is the one thing about your day you can’t control, and the local weather report will only get you so far. Plan for all eventualities and don’t lose sight of where your location is, in amongst all of the romance and beauty of planning how your wedding could look.

And, if you are braving the outdoor wedding in winter, then we recommend having a stack of brollies and coats at the ready.

 photo curradine-barns-8_zps4d0350a3.jpg

3. Write out your ideal guest list before you visit venues.

Might seem like a backwards approach to things. But if you know your maximum guest number before you start searching, you avoid the heartbreak of finding a dream venue only to discover that it either doesn’t fit your number of guests (meaning you then have to make some difficult and potentially awkward decisions about who doesn’t make the cut). Or the cost to accommodate everyone would take you massively over budget.


 photo the-curradine-barns20_zps70804f77.jpg


4. Don’t forget about accommodation and parking.

Boring we know, but essential. Does your venue allow for 100+ people to park there, and if not, where is the nearest place they can?

And for those that like their family celebrations with a side of too much wine, does your venue offer sufficient accommodation or is there somewhere a short (and cheap) taxi ride away that does?

If you have all of this figured out so that your guests don’t have to, it says that you have considered them when choosing your place, and so in turn they will be happy to spend a little extra to fully enjoy the day with you.

 photo curradine-barns-10_zps9d3ad890.jpg

5. Does the venue offer support on the day?

The last thing you want to be thinking about is the fact that the sound system isn’t working and it’s nearly time to play the aisle music, or there isn’t enough of the most popular wine stocked.

Fortunately, the majority of certified venues will have an events team in-house that will be available to you all day to deal with any such disasters.

But if you are hiring somewhere like a cute village hall, then consider paying a wedding planner to supervise on-the-day setup, and any potential hiccups for you.

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope that you have enjoyed the tips from Country House Wedding Venues - please visit our Wedding Planner Series for more expert advise on planning your wedding! 

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