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Entertainment ideas for your next event!

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Whether you need live wedding music or perhaps a party band for a corporate event, with the numerous options of live entertainment to choose from, it can be a difficult task to find the one best suited for you. Here at Matchbox Music we have created some entertainment ideas and when they work best to get you started.

Party Bands:

  • Huge repertoire of popular hits from the last 50 years everything from Elvis to Rhianna
  • Always a great choice for those looking for live wedding music, party music or any joyous occasion.
  • Great for audience interaction and dancing.
  • Suitable for all audiences from the younger to the older guests.

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Jazz Bands:

  • A slightly more specialised taste than the party band. Jazz music really comes into its own when played live, The bands will provide a repertoire of Jazz hits from the last 100 years
  • Each Jazz band will be unique and individual, such as a gypsy jazz band or a solo jazz pianist, be sure to look through all of our artists when choosing.
  • Well suited for corporate events and jazz enthusiast’s weddings and birthdays.
  • Great for providing a more sophisticated touch to an event.
  • Jazz bands can be subtle backing backing music or for people to dance to.

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Acoustic Bands:

  • Comprised generally of instruments that produce their own sound (no electric amplification needed) Acoustic bands provide a more intimate/down to earth touch to your event.
  • Depending on the act an acoustic act is capable of playing most genres and styles.
  • Great for venues with little performance space.
  • Can be used as background music or floor filler.

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Classical Acts:

  • For the ultimate in royal style entertainment, the classical acts definitely add a classic regal touch to any event especially if its a formal one.
  • Perfect for accompanying the bride and groom down the aisle or entertain clients at corporate event/dinner.
  • Very portable and generally don’t need electronic amplification. This can be very useful for outdoors events.
  • Come in a range of sizes and instruments.

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  • These can be anything from a harpist to a pop singer/guitarist to a pianist to a classical guitarist.
  • Excellent for an event on a budget, as soloists are cheaper than hiring a whole band.
  • Soloists work well in most situations, as they take up a small amount of spaced can cater the music to suit the event either being background music or a main event act.
  • They add a more imitate touch to an event and can be used for many types of events from parties to accompanying a bride and groom down the aisle.

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  • Similar to soloists but with added element of another instrument to add more depth to your entertainment.
  • These are great for events where you want some music in the background to add some atmosphere. For example a Jazz duo consisting of a pianist and a sax player.
  • Perfect for an event on a budget.
  • Huge range of variety of of duos from sax and piano to guitar and singer.

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Tribute Bands:

  • These will be an act dedicated to the music of one genre or band
  • Perfect for themed events such as a 60’s night or an event where everyone is a fan of a certain band or music.
  • They add a great atmosphere to event and can make it really special, if you can’t actually hire the Police to play at your Birthday party, hire the UK’s best Police tribute band instead.
  • Perfect for birthday parties or themed Weddings.

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