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The food is one of the main aspects of your big day, as this will be the time when your guests, family and friends will sit down and celebrate your wedding. To ensure you make a success of this, it is important to spend time focusing on the menu, so here are a few things to help you choose the right caterer.

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For most people unfamiliar to public speaking, the simple task of actually getting coherent speech out of their mouths is terrifying enough. Add to this the unwritten rule that all best men MUST be hilarious and you have the recipe for a very public, very embarrassing disaster.

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Weddings are not always just about the bride and groom, it's also the guests that help make the day memorable! However there is a fine line between great wedding guest and party pooper! Fortunately help is on hand, Vanessa from Bow & Arrow magazine has put together a guide on how to be a good wedding guest!

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